What you can expect from us

  • We will respect you as an individual, and your rights to be given an equal opportunity to succeed.
  • We will offer you help and advice throughout the time we work with you.
  • We will give you information you need about services in ways that works best for you: over the phone, in person, by letter, by email, and through our website.
  • We will provide staff who have the skills, qualifications and commitment to support you and encourage you to succeed.
  • We will help to identify your goals and choose a course which best meets your aims and takes into account your existing qualifications, skills and experience.
  • We will give you up-to-date and accurate information as quickly as we can.
  • We will take into account any support you may need and make sure that this information is given to your tutor, where you wish this to happen.
  • We will ask you what you think about BEGIN and use your feedback to improve services.
  • We will tell you how you can make a complaint to make it easy for you to tell us when things go wrong and be clear on how we can put things right.

Policies and Important Documents