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posted 15 Oct 2009, 08:02 by Izabela Kielich   [ updated 16 Jan 2012, 17:23 ]

Local Impact Assessment Report Completed (April 2011)
Available to download at the bottom of this page.

ESOL Cuts: Have Your Say
(PDF & Microsoft Office materials to download below)

The Facts

From August 2011 government cuts to ESOL will mean:

  • Only settled people looking for work & on JSA or ESA (Jobseekers or Employment Support Allowances) will get free classes
  • Students on other benefits who currently get free classes will pay fees for the first time
  • Students who currently pay will pay an increased rate
If people cannot pay new or higher fees, they may not be able to learn English, to gain Citizenship or stay in the UK.
What do you think?

  • Will ESOL cuts save money?  Will costs increase in other areas, eg, interpreters?
  • Are people on JSA or ESA the only people looking for work?  
  • What will happen if people cannot speak English with their children? / at work? / in the community?
  • What will ESOL cuts mean for you?
Have Your Say, week beginning 24 January: 

  1. Send your own Letter/Email or Case Study to John Hayes:
  2. Do the ESOL Cuts Student Survey
  3. If you disagree with ESOL cuts, sign the national petition at or use the Local Group Petition Form
  4. Have your say at meetings: Square Centre, Alfred St North, St Anns, NG3 1AA.  Organisations 19 January, 5.30pm; Students 26 January 5.30pm
  5. Register with Facebook & join the ‘Defend ESOL Group’.  This will help you find out about other ways to have your say.

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