Welcome to the BEGIN website (for Basic Educational Guidance in Nottinghamshire).  BEGIN offers free, impartial advice for adults aged 16 + years about:
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Functionals Skills English & Maths
BEGIN is funded by Nottingham College and Nottingham City Council.  Site structure designed by Izabela Kielich

Coronavirus - COVID-19

We hope all BEGIN service users are keeping safe & well. The BEGIN team are working at home.  Please feel free to contact us for ESOL, Maths or English enquiries, or for any other enquiries:

  • Jennifer     07903 827780 / jennifer.lloyd@nottinghamcollege.ac.uk 
  • Angella      07507 113795 / angella.reid@nottinghamcollege.ac.uk
  • Zineb         07580 527225 / zineb.siari@nottinghamcollege.ac.uk
  • Dominique   07970 373420 / dominique.allen@nottinghamcollege.ac.uk
  • Fiona            07912 070404 / fiona.vale@nottinghamcollege.ac.uk

OR Fill in an Enquiry Form on this website: 

  • ESOL  - here 
  • Functional Skills English or Maths - here

OR Email: enquiries@begin.org.uk

Learners - if you have internet access – try English online!  Our ‘LATEST Useful Website’ sheet is in the Other Help section on this website – here & also attached below.

16-18 years FULL Time ESOL video - watch it here & see Powerpoint information below: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/62c4e160-1d4a-4a48-85c1-3e1fd4de5c39

Many services running during in the COVID-19 lockdown.  Use the internet to google & find out more.  The ones we have heard from include:

UK SETTLEMENT for EU Citizens or their non-EU family members - see information sheet below, or contact Diana Bagci: 07834 264950 / eussnottslc@gmail.com

Other help for migrant people
- please keep checking the Other Help & Useful Websites sections on this website.  For example - https://migrantinfohub.org.uk/ offers advice about COVID-19 in 16 languages.