The BEGIN Partnership

BEGIN is governed by a Partnership Agreement and Steering Group that normally meets 3 times a year.  Steering Group members are from Nottingham College, the local authorities, voluntary & community sector organisations and other relevant services. In addition, the team is employed by Nottingham College, its major funder.  Like other teams in the College it receives support, advice & direction on a day-to-day basis from relevant college managers.  Our thanks to all the organisations we work with to help local people with learning: 

Steering Group
Full Members
  • Nottingham College
  • Nottingham City Council Employment & Skills
  • Nottinghamshire County Council Adult and Community Learning Service
  • Futures Advice, Skills & Employment Ltd 
  • Notts Refugee Forum
Other Partners
We work with many staff and volunteers at many organisations to help people attend ESOL, Functional Skills English & Maths, including:

Learning providers who offer a huge variety of courses & other types of learning:
  • Nottingham College
  • Catch-22 for young people
  • Community organisations who run formal courses at local venues
  • 26 Informal Language & Conversation Groups - at churches, libraries, community centres & other venues
  • 3 private language schools, who give learners the chance to improve English with their trainee teachers
  • Read Easy volunteers who help people 1:1 with reading practice
Referring organisations who tell us about people who want ESOL, Maths or English & help us to track their changing needs - far too many to list here - but including:
  • Nottingham College advice & support teams
  • Nottingham & Notts Refugee Forum
  • Futures Advice, Skills & Employment Ltd
  • Local Authority teams
  • Housing providers
  • Schools
  • Health workers
  • Children's Centres
  • Churches ...
New Partners very welcome!
We want to work with as many organisations as we can to help local people attend ESOL, or Functional Skills Maths & English.  If you'd like to work with us - please just contact us: 
0115 978 0942 /   / .