We have tried to make this website easy to use for everyone in design and layout. We have used a simple page design and have kept images and other media to a minimum.

There are a number of features built into the website and the Internet Browser that you are using which can be used to change how this website is viewed.

'Print Page'
At the bottom of each page on this website there is an option for 'Print Page'. The Print Page option removes any images, has a plain background colour and removes any unnecessary information in order to make the page easier to print.

Font Sizes and browser settings

To change the font size and/or background colour of the text on this or any website please see the information below relating to the Intenet Browser that you are currently using.
Windows Accessibility Features
Windows has a lot of accessibility features that you can access. Accessibility options can be set through a Wizard or the Control Panel. With some features there are different options depending on which method you use.

On your computer click Start/All Programmes/Accessories/Accessibility/Accessibility Options

Control Panel
On your computer click Start/Control Panel/Accessibility Options

Some of the features that can be set are:
  • Mouse Options - Left/right buttons, change pointer style/speed, click speed
  • Sticky Keys - Allows you to click one key at a time for combinations e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Filter Keys - The keyboard ignores brief or repeated keystrokes, it can also slow the rate at which a key repeats when you hold it down.
  • Toggle Keys - Beeps when using toggle keys e.g. Number lock, Caps lock etc
  • Sound - Use a visual sign when a sound plays e.g. a flash
  • Display - Change cursor speed and width
  • Magnifier - Magnifies an area of the screen for people with a visual impairment
Screen Reader
There is software available that will read aloud information on the screen, helping people that have a visual impairment. There are free software packages you can review download here:


Our information can be translated into different languages using google's language tools.